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Published: Wed, 11 Nov 2020 20:00:05 +0000
The 5 Best Impact Drivers Currently On the Market - Anyone who is interested in DIY should have access to a variety of tools to help make their home crafting as efficient as possible to help bring to life the remodeling ideas they dream of. From rotary saws to electric drills, there are hundreds of devices designed to streamline the[...]... [read more]

Published: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 22:12:43 +0000
Are New Power Tool Regulations Incoming for Europe? - The European Union has seen massive shakeups in recent years. The world watched as the UK decided to leave the EU altogether, although they are definitely taking their time finalizing that. And in the wake of this decision, we have seen a rise in the number of other EU nations[...]... [read more]

Published: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 20:55:51 +0000
How Online Tech Reviewers Have Improved Product Quality - The online sales market has become a substantial industry for retailers to set up virtual stores and make a living, without the need to find a physical shop to sell from. The technology industry has been particularly affected by the increases in online shopping with more and more online startups[...]... [read more]

Published: Sun, 07 Jun 2020 21:45:41 +0000
Why This Tech Firm has Doubled Their Charitable Donations - The abundance of issues that the world is facing has resulted in a huge increase in the number of charitable donations that have come flooding in from numerous sources, the more profitable industries including technology have stood up to help support the world in the best way possible. Tech and[...]... [read more]

Published: Sat, 30 May 2020 21:13:55 +0000
How Chicago Is Becoming The New Silicon Valley - It’s no secret that Chicago is one of the most populated cities in the United States after New York and Los Angeles. Its population is 2.7 million and up to 58 million people visit it in a year. Therefore it comes as no surprise that, in recent years, Chicago has[...]... [read more]

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Computerworld Blogs

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Silicone Valley - Social Media News

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SEDO - Domain News

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Microsoft Blog

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PC World - Latest News

Published: Tue, 28 Sep 2021 09:30:00 -0700
How to check your PC's CPU temperature - Is your computer’s CPU too hot? If your PC starts spontaneously shutting down, locking up, or acting sluggish during intense tasks, overheating could be the issue. Keeping tabs on your CPU temperatures is crucial when you’re overclocking your PC’s processor, too—you don’t want to accidentally push the performance pedal too far to the metal when you’re supercharging your pricey Core i9-11900K or AMD Ryzen 5900X, especially given how hard it is to acquire PC parts in general these day... [read more]

Published: Tue, 28 Sep 2021 07:30:00 -0700
The best graphics cards for PC gaming - Most people who are in the market for a new graphics card have one primary question in mind: Which card will give me the most bang for my buck? Obviously, the answer will vary depending on your budget. Beyond that, there are a number of factors to  consider: Raw performance is important, but so are things like noise, the driver experience, and supplemental software. And do you want to pay a premium to get in on the bleeding edge of real-time ray tracing? Gaming GPU cheat sheet Our quick-hit... [read more]

Published: Tue, 28 Sep 2021 03:45:00 -0700
PNY LX3030 SSD review: Incredible durability for twice the price - PNY’s new LX3030 NVMe SSD isn’t for everyone. It’s marketed directly at Chia cryptocurrency plotting, a very high-bandwidth sustained write task. If you want some info on how much data Chia requires, you can find it here. But if your workload involves something similar, such as continuous large-scale backup, video encoding, or anything else that involves writing lots and lots of data, it might also be of interest.Why? The LX3030 is the fastest PCIe 3.0-based sustained writer we’ve teste... [read more]

Published: Tue, 28 Sep 2021 03:30:00 -0700
Aukey PowerTitan 300 review: A well-designed, affordable power station worth every penny - I’ve reviewed a lot of Aukey products, but never had the chance to test out one of the company’s power stations. So a few months ago, I reached out to the Aukey team and asked to check out the $250 PowerTitan 300.This power station offers enough ports to connect and power almost anything you can think of, and it’s not terribly expensive. Additionally, Aukey sells a 100W solar panel kit that you can use to charge the PowerTitan or small devices, like your phone or tablet, when you have a cl... [read more]

Published: Mon, 27 Sep 2021 09:30:00 -0700
Use your TV as a computer monitor: Everything you need to know - You’re not the first person who’s wondered what it would be like to have a giant desktop monitor. Think of all the multi-tasking and immersive gaming you could manage if you had a 50- or 60-inch monitor instead of a standard 24-inch monitor! But you’ve probably noticed that as monitors get bigger, they also tend to get prohibitively expensive.You’ve probably already got a big screen in your house, though—a high-definition television. At the end of the day, isn’t an HDTV just a giant,... [read more]

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