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FRAMINGHAM.NET was built to pull together the numerous sources of online news and information related to the town of Framingham, Massachusetts (USA) and present it in an easy to browse format.

FRAMINGHAM.NET uses RSS syndication and several other online technologies to collect headline news, job and classified listings, weather reports and other types of electronic information from online publishers. This type of website is considered a news aggregator.

The headlines, excerpts of news articles and other info listed on FRAMINGHAM.NET are obtained directly from the source. Clicking a headline will take you to that source where you can read the complete article, see any related photos or videos, and browse other content from that publisher. At some sites you will be able to read and post comments on the article.

FRAMINGHAM.NET is always looking for new sources of local information. If you're a blogger, online publisher, or run any type of website or web service that is capable of producing a live feed, please contact us. You give us a feed, we send you traffic -- it's that simple ... and visitors get freshly updated news "from the source".

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