Test a Feed

If you're having problems with your feed, or aren't sure what is and isn't included in the feed, use our online RSS / Atom Feed Tester. All you need to do is supply a Feed URL. The tool will determine what type of feed it is, (or report a problem), then display as much info as possible from the feed.

Don't worry if you see "too much", (e.g.- entire blog posts with images attachments), luckily most modern blogging, CMS and other online publishing software will allow you to control what is (and what isn't) included in a feed. If you are a commercial operation and seek to use your feed to attract visitors to view your content on your own website, you should include only the title, link, pubdate and approx 256 to 512 characters of text. For example, in WordPress this is done by creating an exerpt for the article, which will be used in the feed instead of text directly from the article.


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